Quality is the first priority of our concern, At Doel House, Our primary goal is client satisfaction, So your happiness is our number one concern, We how to actively employ members of our multi-talented staff to ensure that each project is completed to your satisfaction.
We work to prove that one does not have to sacrifice quality for price and that if utilized effectively and efficiently, all parties will benefit through global trade.
While all businesses in this field seek to provide a professional level of service to their client, what sets us apart from the competition is that we aim for even more, Not only do we strive to provide our clients with high quality products at the most reasonable prices. But we also work directly with suppliers to inspect and maintain the quality of the manufactured products, To learn more about the aspects of our services, Please feel free to read on More details.
We are always trade global in product purchasing, some buy directly from local and foreign suppliers, though an effective way to maintain and ensure quality, Although the company may face difficulties when attempting to address quality concern from the other side of the world.
Doel House bridges the gap, Our sourcing team seek to help companies source products using our existing network of Bangladeshi suppliers, Our multi-lingual teams will help you get your Bangladeshi production right from the start to prevent all parties from incurring unnecessary cost, We are Bangladesh sourcing experts with a focus on reducing costs, increasing quality and providing excellent service for our clients. We source product from both inside and outside our networks to find the best manufacturing unit at the most reasonable pricing.
Here is how our sourcing service work:-
(01) E-Mail us a detailed description of the product, along with artwork or samples, If possible.
(02) We will then identify and locate a comprehensive list of potential suppliers through various networks.
(03) We will make samples from each potential supplier and construct a list based on the quality of the sample and the product price.
(04) We will send you samples from the top ranked suppliers.
(05) If you are satisfied , we will assist in the negotiation of the deal by meeting face to face with suppliers and supervise the quality management of the manufactured products. * At the client request, we can also take you on a supplier tour to visit the various sites before you make a final decision.
(06) We are using the most modern technology for all kinds of corresponding. It maintains high power Network System to manage the Merchandising, Commercial, Knitting, Dyeing, Store & Financial activities. It is facilitated with broad band internet connection through the wireless system.
(07) A strong merchandiser group deals the Merchandising Department through pricing to shipment.